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What do you guys spend your day doing?
sleep, school, wasting time on computer
(04-15-2018, 11:26 AM)$2a$45 Wrote:  Working and wasting my time on these forums. Stupid question.


totaly,  well i spend my time on pc..
and reading this forum :D
Wake up at 6 and go to work. After work I either hang out with friends for a while or go home straight away, eat and then play fortnite till i get tired and go to sleep. Every day is the same for me and I'm so done with it tbh. I hope it changes when I move in with my friend in a few months and my life will get more interesting lol.
not being productive tbh
Working and spend my time on these forums
work , TV ,computer and sleep. nearly every day
Programming, programming, and some more programming. And surfing the web. Fun stuff.
Studying, unfortunately :((
go to school go home play computer
(04-10-2018, 06:06 PM)Haxor Wrote:  Me: I spend my day on my pc like a nerd !!

I play games an chill with girls and fams :D
(04-11-2018, 05:47 AM)000 Wrote:  Me: jacking off every 3 hours !

Same tbh, but doing revision also!

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