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What do you guys spend your day doing?
Me: I spend my day on my pc like a nerd !!
Me: jacking off every 3 hours !
sleeping and cooking and then obviously eating and then watching some films and then sleeping again and somewhere in between I surely spend time on pc

and no i'm not fat. if you thought so
(04-10-2018, 06:06 PM)Haxor Wrote:  Me: I spend my day on my pc like a nerd !!

same shit
Live on my pc and sleep Kappa
Pretty much everything everyone else has already said haha
still I walk and go to the shops, sometimes I manage to sleep for half an hour during the day when at night I did not sleep at all
Usually doing random stuff and end up asking my self ovre and over again what am i really doing with my life?
being an introvert, feelsbadman
Heiling the Fuhrer

[Image: tenor.gif]
Working and wasting my time on these forums. Stupid question.

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