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What do Raid Forums users do?
What do the members of Raid Forums do outside of Raid Forums?
School. And wanking.
Gym (Sometimes)
I am noticing a pattern here...
school and wank
School and some NO PROOF stuff, evading the feds, you know the usual stuff Smile
(02-23-2016, 08:55 AM)dad Wrote:  Masturbate.

Most people's preferred hobby.
School, work, swim, cycle and run

Masturbate a little bit inbetween each activety

Pretty much my life in a nutshell.
you can see my yt channel here
Contemplate suicide
You know the normal shit
I just...

School for a quarter of my day, I'll be with friends for half of the day and the rest I will spend on the internet watching TV shows or be on RF lol

Those other responses wtf you horny creeps

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