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What browsers do you guys use?
Has to be Firefox. Not sure why I would want to use a different browser to it.
Anyone have an opinion if DuckDuckGo or StartPage is a better search engine?
Those are new to me. I pretty much use Bing. I understand now why DuckDuckgo could be of interest.
I use lynx browser whenever possible!
I use Firefox simply because I support Mozilla moreso than the other giants.
I also prefer the Firefox dev tools over those included in other browsers.
Opera browser is the Best ???? norwegian job ????
I use Chrome on my mobile devices and Tor on my computer.
Firefox with a lot of extensions, there is a really nice guide on how to configure it forprivacy on . In addition I use tor as a service so I can redirect my whole computer traffic to a sock 5 from the tor network
I really like the design of Amigo browser but honestly I prefer IE.
Personally, I use chrome.
Chrome or firefox for me Smile
Mostly Firefox/TOR browser on Linux sometimes Brave or Chrome on Windows.

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