What browsers do you guys use?
by Infintus - 04-08-2018, 03:49 PM
Google Chrome, because its need
Firefox or chrome, depending on what I'm doing, Firefox is really fast since the last updates!
Tor for very quick browsing. I used to use opera with the built in VPN and then I was obssesed with chrome but these days im back with firefox
Both firefox and chrome are better for dev but firefox seems to be much faster and less resource hungry.

So firefox while using a 512bit blowfish VPN or tor if i just need to access something on the random
i only use chrome since i'm used to its layout etc, i use firefox as a backup just in case i have problems with google chrome
offc only firefox because of socks settings etc.
Netscape 1.0
When you pay for something you know it's good.
Internet Explorer

Just kidding. Chrome and sometimes Firefox
Chrome/Firefox/TOR. this is my list
Tor browser, or google chrome. Really depends Tongue

Tor and FireFox....
I dont like the IE because its too slow and too many vulns
I use Firefox with DuckDuckGo. I personally hate the fact that google logs all of your data and feel a lot safer browsing with DuckDuckGo.
opera and edge when opera sucks lol

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