What are your thoughts on god?
by ISwearSheWas18 - 08-03-2017, 07:51 AM
I just wanna know what your beliefs are in god and shit.
I'm agnostic. But I lean towards the believing side of things, I just can't say for certain.
(08-03-2017, 05:56 PM)creyderp Wrote: I'm agnostic. But I lean towards the believing side of things, I just can't say for certain.

This is me.
I was reading about something called Roko's Basilisk and its almost the same as religion when you think of it, read about it, its really interesting
People say god is real you need to believe in him...i don't....why let uncle bob explain why god is"myth" to me, people say if you believe in god he will protect you...OK let me hit you with a couple of scenarios, for example there are good people out there who never did anything wrong, but like shootings come and they happen to get shot and killed (RIP), innocent people die in weather situations, [b][i]innocent  people die of cancer, [b][i]innocent  people die of unknown reasons (besides old age), People say hey will protect us...i mean all those [b][i]innocent  people who died  and this so called "god" is just standing there not doing anything, just sits there and watches as people kill each other on a daily basis and this north korea who is the worst and this so called "god" wont do anything about it...and these jehovah's witnesses say hes real and hes coming down to earth, when? i mean since you can see him and talk to him you must know why we are here right? or are you just following this bandwagon and faking the whole thing. I always tell my self if i dont see it with my own 2 eyes while im away dont even try bring that word "god" in front of my face because he not real... "God" is so powerful that he cant remove the bad, what a joke people are these days...go fuck your self really if you believe in a person who died for our sins and now you think hes over us looking with his big power muscles and not doing shit...really...how about that fiction book called "The bible"[/i][/b][/i][/b][/i][/b]
I don't believe that God is real. Maybe there is some other entity looking over us?
Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't.
If there is a God, and He's right and just, He'll accept me for who I am, no matter what.
If there is a God, but He's not right and not just, then He's not the kind of God I would want to worship.
And if there is no God at all... Well, sucks to suck.
I believe in god strongly
religion is immoral and should stop being supported by states in the US. kids like ken ham will spend 100 million dollars on boats that cant float. quite the meme actually. I live in sweden and its about 80% atheists/agnostics here and im lucky for that. I also have a question if u are an athiest in america do u still go to curch bcuz of social pressure
there is no God or anything "looking over us". it's a myth which was created in order to control and manage population. because there is no such an authority among us except our own conscience
Some people on here have [GOD] it looks nice.

Pls buy me GOD, tnx yous.
Or if you wanna go crazy, buy me special rank [Jebus] for $60.
Can't say I would believe because I didn't feel him touch me the right/wrong way yet.

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