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What are you in it for?
(04-26-2017, 10:50 PM)thing19 Wrote:  
(04-26-2017, 10:37 PM)Anonymkid Wrote:  To leak the accounts that i steal from people. And get some databases

How do you steal em?

RATs, Phising, Cracking, The list goes on.
Ban reason: Doxing RF members || || (Permanent)
I like dehashing and collecting passwords. I then use them to crack other sites.
money baby, money to be made everywhere!
was accidentaly found this site when browsing for something else
and find it very interesting
lots of info
money and spending time because have nothing better to do
buying games that i don't play, i bought skyrim one month ago and still have only 9 minutes in it, i don't really have a lot of time.
You mean come to raidforums?

I'm looking to download dbs that might help me get into the accounts of people I know IRL, for personal information. Not to use for anything, but just so I know what's going on around me. Money or leveraging doesn't figure into it.
Information and tips to keep myself safe from leaks, ect.

Also take part of raids because I have nothing else much better do to in my life besides going to work.
i'm in it for a hobby plus i like puzzles, was never really into forums but this one seems cool
Incase something really neat gets posted, or to pad my DB collection.
I needed a new forums because the mods on leakforums are autistic af
I get paid $100k per year to be an Administrator, it's overall pretty easy I just always gotta keep an eye out for the leechers.

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