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What are you doing to celebrate 9/11?
Imma hack and spam bush did 911 on every news livestream on youtube Kappa
I'll help @Sem blow up Kappa
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I'm not too sure what I'll do. Maybe say 'Bush did 9/11' over the school intercom.
Going to say,
"Donald Trump did 9/11."
wait for a anniversary attack because THAT is whats gonna happen LOL
Gonna build two massive Jenga towers and throw two paper planes and blow the towers up with firecrackers at the inside so it's a good depiction of reality.
Gas some jews. kek
Crash my LEGO towers.
I'm planning to do nothing in particular. Thug lyf.
I would go out of my house and scream "ALLAHU AKBAR"
and "HAPPY 9/11"
i'm in newyork so i'm going to the 9/11 memorial gonna place a wireless speaker and play allah akubar for 2 hours lmfao fight me newyorkers

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