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What are some of the best raids you have been involved with?
Side Note: It doesn't matter if all you did just was spam chat or troll request, you were involved with a quality raid or a raid you thought was a lot of fun.
From hijacking, trollrequest, and fucking with streamers to bricking a kid's PC, a kid BAKING a PC, and a gay streamer fucking up his own Mac laptop, what are some of the best raid(s) you have been involved in? 
It doesn't have to be considered a quality raid by Celaeon or by the community, all you know is that one stream(s) was a hell of a good time.

As for me, I have a couple of awesome/fun raids. The one time we raided that one Christian live streamer was awesome (it's on Celaeon UK). It was hilarious hearing all of the donations, and especially the one donation where he got completely obliterated. 
The other raid is recent one. The YouNow raid where BryanBreeze (the gay streamer) fucked up his own Mac. At first I thought this guy was just fucking with everyone, acting as troll bait. But soon I just started face palming every minute or so. Just hearing him talk made me go "is this guy for real?". 
Best raid was the Pc-Watering raid by Tweedler and the butter-on-keyboard-to-reapair raid. BryanBreeze raid was cool too, crying fag.
None. Smile
Pools closed, purple republic,, harry potter 7 spoiler raid, ebaumsworld's forum raid, technically Jessi Slaughter, and much more..
Hell what am I doing with my life...
The kid who put butter into his CPU was quite fun

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