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What are listening to?
I listen to a lil bit of everything. Mostly Rap and Trap. Anything BUT Country and Screamo/Heavy metal/any shit like that. I was actually about to do a thread like this because I was wondering why nobody did it already.

Funny but lit af

@[GOD] 's infamous signature

That's just a little taste. 
Getting into some really underground shit atm

but i also like various rap/trillwave.
(04-07-2016, 11:19 AM)Akkad彡 Wrote:  

I'm listening to this, because you posted it, and I played the video.

Currently, Earlier I was listening to

I like old game shit
My mother and father and little brother having EXTREMELY loud and EXTREMELY graphic anal sex in the room next door.
Saddest part is i wasn't invited (as usual)
tbh i think it is just favouritism

shits ok

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