What antivirus do you guys use?
by lambasoft - January 15, 2020 at 05:25 PM
Do you guys use an AV? If so, which one?
Anti-virus? What's that?

Seriously, the best anti-virus is a user who maintains excellent OpSec, and doesn't click on random shit.

So the best AV = myself.

I can put malware past 99% of malware scanners, and I am not a pro or anything special.. If it's that easy, and AV is that horrible, why even use it. I run ClamAV on my email server, still don't even really think it's effective. I never run local anti-virus.

Random untrusted EXEs aka binaries get executed in a nested VM environment, If you have an XLSX that contains binary,it's obviously malware, If a URL is taking you to http:// electrum.BTC.wallet.update.asdjgnaeliughrpeiahvifhgb.com/?exec=/x32/x97/x45/x74/x35....etc, then it's obviously not the electrum update you want and it's going to steal your money...

And if you go to Youtube and type in "Steal any bitcoin wallet" or "Fast Bitcoin Generator" or whatever, and follow those links and download their EXE, the gui is going to show you a bunch of fancy numbers generated with rand() or whatever, while it's scanning your machine to take your money... There is no such thing as a free money generator.

User your brain. Will serve you better than any AV application.
I use Defender, because it's included for free on Windows, it's light and efficient.
Why do you use an antivirus ? it's useless
defender for win
other av just a rk
I usually don’t use an AV, I don’t download files on my main computer because I’m scared of the internet.
Fuck AV's, just install a Malware defender. AV's definitions are usually hugely out of date anyway.
Nice to see no one really posting about using a specific one anymore. No real point considering anything serious gets missed by them, just gotta use common sense.
I don't use anti-virus, I did when I was 11 as I thought they kept my PC safe.
defender is about it. just dont be dumb
using antivirus xD
just don't be dumb
most AVs do ok. the problems come when you think you're safe by just getting a AV. Somehow people think that since they have an AV they don't need to worry much about what they download.

Any file I download that i'm not 100% on gets scanned with virustotal and carefully reviewed.

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