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Welcome back edgy games
Welcome to the 9/11th Hunger games.
[Image: a78b3702ef.jpg]

Please post the picture you wish, along with your user name.

Example Name: Mr Steal yo Waifu
Picture :

The Hunger Games Simulator is a web-based simulation game that allows players to create their own rosters, as well as use tributes from the 74th and 75th Hunger Games, for a virtual arena deathmatch using custom avatar images and names for the tributes. Upon submission, the simulator generates an outcome through a series of events during which all but one are killed in some manner.

[Image: scottish-fold9.jpg]
Name: AyyLmao
Pic: [Image: VOuEESm.png]

img [Image: 374831-kairi.jpg]
DirtyDicks like's what it see's
[Image: qalqfES.jpeg] name: lagboy
[Image: zfhciEA.png]

scott cawthon

you know the drill
[Image: M2Yfa24.gif]

andy pipkin
Name: Vlad the Fuccboi

Pic: undefined

[Image: ojprotestor.jpg]
[Image: CzWXFNT.gif]

Name: DirtyDan is kool

Picture: Some faggot [Image: search?q=Dirty+dan&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=...-G0ps0M%3A]

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