Weed or Alcohol?
by beanj1738 - April 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM
weed my nigga just smoke loud bruh
me and my bro tay tay like to kick it back and smoke tha good good
me and my bro d like to kick it back and smoke tha good good
I like growing and smoking weed
i like both but weed is nice because it doesnt fuck you over in the morning
both tbh, but only one at a time. mixing weed and alcohol hasnt always been a positive experience IMO.
Weed lol, alcohol makes u feel like shit
weed 100%, much better
i'm more of a weed guy myself but beer sometimes never hurts!
Sorry for the long comment but Weed is way better in terms of
Health - Alcohol damages your liver and brain if you do it much and often, weed smoked only damages your lungs a bit but you can vaporize it and eat it so it shouldn't damage anything!
Social - Alcohol makes persons mad a lot of times, or sad and problems start from alcohol also people drunk kill eachother or even themselves, weed makes you chill and giggle, the worst can happen is a deep conversation about life Smile
Avalibility - Weed is illeagal in most places so you can get alcohol way easier also weed is more expensive because of that.
Also on alcohol I saw some unwanted relationships/one night stands that both persons didn't want sober or on other drugs.
weed of course, alcohol is overrated and i don't like losing self control
I prefer alcohol, I like to play at the casino from time to time, and this is like a rite, pour yourself a glass of whiskey and sit down to play poker.

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