Websites Like RaidForums
by FelixSchimitt - October 03, 2020 at 12:24 PM
Educational and Information Purpose only . Be A Good Person.

English - Usa based
-----------------------------------------------------                                       (ssssssssssss)                                (evil twin of raidforum)                   (little sister of raidforum)                                (no,yes,what !!!)                                 (you know it)                               (it is have data market)                                  (mother of cracking)                (good old 70's)
----------------------------------------- /        (German new open forum )                            (German cracked tool share forum)
--------------------------      ( Indonesian hacker forum)

----------russian websites  start here------------            (Russia)                            (Russia hacker forum )                            (babushka version of raidforum)          (cyka blyat version of raidforum) (new  on buisnees but she will make a great career)                                (Russia cracked account )                          (Russia)                                (babushka of Russia cracked softwares) (old-matur)                        (i dunno man it looks similar to me) (Russia edition)                                   (i dunno man it looks similar to me) (motherland Russia)                (Russia but not about carding )                                    (Russia: ( i dk how many of this type website more)                   (Russia - )                                    Russia                                        one of  oldest russia forum you can found so much think inside                 oldest Russia forum you can found so much think inside

-----end of russian website-------                                          Le forum  (French)                                            Le cute French forum for leaks
---------------------                Spanish elhackero
-------------------                              el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition)                                                      el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition 2 )                                  el-raid el-hacker habibi (Arabian edition 3 Pro)
----------------------                                       Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian)                                      Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian 2)                                         Raidforum Xerxes edition (Persian 3)                           Raidforum Xerxes edition Pro (Persian 4 ) recommented check for this website
China                          I don't  know rick it looks like virus to me.  (not like raidforum just download website)                        Poor version raid forums

-------------------------                                (Turk version of raidforums market)                                                 ( Turk version Of raidforums)                                            (Turk Account sellers)
--------------------------                                    Romanian security team website  (have a little market)
---------------------- Italian Hacker Forum (Multi-language system )

I search 20 countries and over 1000 websites. Only these websites concepts working like raidforums
but non of them good like Raidforums.

You can find continue of list in ::
Thanks man! This might be helpful
oh my my, yes, sir i promise i will be good. wink wink
Thanks man, I will check it!
That's amazing man! Thanks! Do you have more Indonesian/asian ones?
ill check some of these out, thank you
sorry bro i search many website but post only websites work like raidforums concept but will search tomorrow and i will add useful websites to .i will post soon in general content part.
wow thank you so much my friend
Thanks! you are very kind .I just search those webs.
(October 04, 2020 at 02:13 PM)marketbaba Wrote: That's amazing man! Thanks! Do you have more Indonesian/asian ones?

check out mate
wow thank you so much my friend
There's a few on there I haven't seen before

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