WebRub Web Reconnaissance Framework Written in Ruby
by teamkelvinsecteam - October 23, 2020 at 02:00 PM
[Image: 4.png]

1-Subdomain BruteForcing
  - Bruteforce Subdomains using wordlist
2-live domain checker
  - Check live domains for web service
3-Resolve domains to ips
  - Resolving domains to ips
4-Directory BruteForce
  - Bruteforce Web Directories and Files using wordlist
5-Extract Web Headers
  -Extract web headers and web technologies using Whatweb

6-Shodan Searcher
  -Search for target on shodan
  -Extract Headers, Hosts, Open Ports & Vulnerabilities (CVE)

Will check details of this too. Thanks
I may check this out later when I have time

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