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Web Bitcoin Miner [ Notes ]
[Web Miner]


     1) Stratum [!]
     2) getwork
     3) getwork + rollntime
     4) GBT

     Stratum is a line-based (it uses "\r\n" like HTTP,SMTP,FTP ) overlay
     (because it's based on TCP) protocol, transmitted over TCP sockets,
     which contains JSON-RPC messages as payload.
     Client simply opens TCP socket and writes requests to the server in form of JSON
     messages finished by "\n".
     Stratum protocol is based on JSON-RPC 2.0 which is a remote procedure call protocol
     encoded in JSON.            

   [1] METHODS

        mining.subscribe     : Used to subscribe to work from a server, required before all other communication.
        mining.authorize     : Used to authorize a worker, required before any shares can be submitted.
        mining.notify        : Used to push new work to the miner.  Previous work should be aborted if Clean Jobs = true!
        mining.submit        : Used to submit shares
        mining.set_difficulty: Used to signal the miner to stop submitting shares under the new difficulty.

echo -e "{\"id\": 1, \"method\": \"mining.subscribe\", \"params\": []}\n{\"params\": [\"stratum697.worker1\", \"\"], \"id\": 2, \"method\": \"mining.authorize\"}\r" | netcat 3333




    - (Educational)

     - (blockchain Explorer)
4) (javascript gpu handler)

5) POOLS:,

6) (Calculator)

7) *BannedWebsite*/2014/03/stratum-mining-block-headers-worked.html

8) (Mining Hardware)




Great info, already found some useful resources. Maybe you should consider adding some information for cloud miners, I mean general websites like that provide hashflare codes other offers. Either way, would be quite grateful for any additional updates.
thanks for sharing your notes here, this might be useful to some
Very nice. I might have to look into this.
Oh, what a treasure! Many thanks for this list of useful resources, like them a lot. Recommend checking all links for everybody who wants to become a crypto expert. As I see, there aren’t specific websites focused on cloud mining, would be cool to add some. For example, reviews of cloud sites, comparisons, lists of discounts and promo campaigns (you may start here: Good luck in expanding the guide!

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