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Yes of course! I'll post any content with potential.

11 37.93%
No. I hate collaborating.

18 62.07%
Total 29 vote(s) 100%
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We have a Subreddit!
That is top kek, good work.
oldest post in general disscussion on rf +bump kek
We should use another subreddit as the creator os probably inactive...
Unless someone is a mod there, this could be bad as Rftechponys can just post whatever they want and be off-topic.
Ok guys, since the guy with the actual idea is unreg/inactive I have created a subreddit Smile. www.reddit.com/r/raidforumskappa Look at my thread for more info
stop necroposting zz.
I like it but I probably won't be on it that often.

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