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We Need Raid Reform - How To Raid!
Raids are getting kinda shit lately....

I remember when they used to be fun and hilarious like this:

A little girl getting raided and tricked into deleting system32 with hilarious dialogue, (Btw I started that historic raid under an alt username in alphas back in February)

Whats wrong with raids now people who are new here may ask?

Well here is a small list of cons to summer raids so far:

1. Premature DDoS (If you have the skype or ip of a streamer we are raiding please keep it to yourself or some Rftechpony will DDoS the streamer, This usually kills a raid that has potential and is just getting good so if you have a booter don't use it unless absolutely necessary.)

2. Chat Redundancies (Don't get me wrong, We need chat spam in every raid we do but F is getting a little old as well as Door Giveaway bs so If you have any new ideas on chat trolling please tell others so we have more funny and convincing tricks on our sleeves)

3. Telling Others about RF (Its in the rules don't mention RaidForums to the streamers or SJW's on twitch we have enough stuff to worry about and thankfully white knights are rare but keep it on the DL)

4. Kids (If you are under 14 (maybe 16 depending on how mature you are) and like pewdiepie and minecraft and came here from YouTube please leave, I have seen a recent surge in kids on these forums and trust me we know who you are)

5. Persistence (This mostly affects Rftechponys or people that are new that aren't fags, If you see that a twitch streamer is being overly gullible or looks as if he or she is bating the raiders into a lame troll just boot them or leave the raid, I have seen many raids here people just stick around for so long and the streamer is obvious bait so if you have an eye out for that stuff warn others and find a new target)

6. Shoutbox (This is where most of our raids start, Someone suggests a stream we go on it and do our worst and if the stream is b8 or the streamer is uncooperative we find a new target, I recommend picking out kids that are streaming because they get easily scared and are very gullible or a really autistic and nerdy adult would suffice as well. I also suggest that one stream at a time is picked for our attacks, I hate when people put up 20 twitch links and no one knows the main and unified raid so use the shoutbox and only submit a streamer if you are 100% certain that they are a good target - Also don't spam your youtube links or plug dj or ask us to ddos someone for you, read the damn rules)

More NoNo's:
Dont Blackhat dox
Dont swat or even threaten to swat
Dont be a sjw white knight faggot
Dont spam the chatbox with twitch links, get one unified raid please.

If you have any more things you notice that is annoying or just stupid which kills the raids please contribute below

What do I recommend we do to make raids more fun and interactive?***************************************************************

1. "Twitch Support" - You have probably seen this before and we have multiple teams on here that do this method of raiding but what this basically is, is that was call the streamer and alert them that their stream is infected and they must either delete sys32 or download a real virus to fix it, If you would like to do this yourself there are multiple examples and tutorials on this.
One more note if you are going to do this make sure you don't sound like your 13 and also if you are watching a stream where we have called the streamer for "support" don't call spam the streamer...One at a time people

2. "Planned Raids" - We almost never do this but I would like to suggest we start doing it, I recommenced maybe to some of the admins of the site that on the homepage we have scheduled raids to Pre-picked targets that we have never hit before, In that way we have 100's of people on at once and we can have an orderly and fun raid that no one misses - I will let admins decide if that is something they want to do

3. "System32, Audio Fix and Viruses" - These our weapons of choice and we should utilize them in every raid, Convincing someone that they have no audio or that they have a system32 virus lead to many historic raids and if we want to have a successful and memorable raids. We need to do more of these and the teams we have on our site have to utilize these methods if they want to have some bragging rights among other teams.

4. "Stream Key" - Getting on a skype call and getting the stream key of the streamer will let you take over their stream and let you stream whatever you want....I recommened doing this tactic more often and doing it alongside the twitch streamer deleting sys32 for maximum kek's, But even if we don't get a stream key getting a streamer to cry or quit or delete sys32 is just as hilarious.

5. "Use Skype" - When we find a stream to raid make sure someone sniffs out their skype, If not there is no point in raiding that person unless they reveal their skype to us....Remember this, With out a streamers Skype or phone # a raid is almost always nothing.

So what is the ideal raid? TL;DR***********************************************************************************************

1. We find a gullible kid or autistic skrub on twitch to raid and someone posts it on the Shoutbox

2. Everyone contributes with chat spam and new metas

3. We convince them their audio does not work or they have a system32 virus

4. We find their skype and we send ONE person to call them to help "fix" their stream

5. We get the stream key and successfully make them delete their Operating System and we take over their stream with our own video once we have the stream key...

Again every raid does not have to be like but this is sort of a template for what we do here with some variations such as getting the streamer to fry or destroy their computer or making them rage, cry and quit or even make a parent rage...Every stream is diffident but all I want is a fun, memorable and successful raid and takeover.

If you are new here and don't know what an ideal stream looks like watch the video above and if you don't know the etiquette and codes we have here read the rules.

Thanks for reading and Hopefully we can get this stickied to show how to raid and show people that are new here what we do!
I was in this raid and have been looking for this video thanks. If someone can find one where we send a grandma and this kid to meatspin and delete their sys 32 with Indian tech support then please give it to me
The recommendations sound exactly like what Kek Squad does, we plan our raids, although we have done a few sys32 deletes, we don't stop there, but deleting their system 32 is a classic, but is boring. Thats why we see just how far we can go. We also go for consoles. That isnt a common thing you see on raids these days.
Well said. The only problem with pre planning in public on RF is that somebody might PM the streamer and let them know (like that "twitch_protector" guy) or they might see this themselves.
Also I did notice that Kek Squads raid yesterday was very planned (well seemed that way).
And I remember when raids weren't just TWITCH RAIDS.
(06-05-2015, 11:38 PM)ponychan Wrote:  And I remember when raids weren't just TWITCH RAIDS.

Well I never said it had to be twitch I was just giving an outline of an ideal raid and some basic rules everyone should know because there is alot of confusion aomng people that are new here...

Sure we can raid on many other services other than twitch but that is our main platform on which we do so....
Twitch is getting boring we need to find something new to raid.
(06-06-2015, 08:54 PM)Adolf_Heineken Wrote:  Twitch is getting boring we need to find something new to raid.

There has been alot of younow facecam raids lately although those are usually not good they can yield hilarious results....

Also my YouTube channel:

Will be doing best raids of the week compliatoins every Friday, Already have 2 raids taped

Also, What happened to shoutbox, Cant access it...
i do wish we would have planned raids instead of random shoutouts. i would like to do some online podcasts or tv shows that have number you can call like public access tv.
Great recommendations as the others said we should join an online poker game with real money and when someone puts their money in we DDOS them. Kek. Kappa

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