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War in the Ukraine
Again... I guess they're just showing off
(11-28-2018, 02:14 PM)BoringApe Wrote:  
(11-28-2018, 02:06 PM)meggiescouldm Wrote:  I was always interested where this Ukraine is situated on a map lol

To get an idea of the size, it it 1/16th of the United States.
Putin knows America is weak and is taking advantage of that by stealing territory that is extremely important to Russia.

[Image: ukraine-location-map-max.jpg]

[Image: ukraine-location-on-the-europe-map-max.jpg]

Thank you sweet
I googled it that time :)
couldn't sleep not knowing where Ukraine is lol
most people are not concerned about international news and do not care about.
nowadays we rely heavily on each other in terms of the economy
I hope the best for this people in the UKR
I am interested in girls in Ukraine. Smile

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