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WTB Custom Email Checker
by taosim - March 21, 2020 at 08:53 PM
I'm looking for someone to code a custom solution that will check to see whether emails exist on vbulletin forums.

I would like to specify a target forum (URL) and have a list of emails checked to see whether an account exists on that forum with that email. From what I can see this can be achieved by an attempted login (for those forums that allow logging in via email rather than username) otherwise attempting a "forgot your password" request. In each case the script must be able to detect the responses that denote "account doesn't exist" and "account does exist".

Both emails that exist and those that don't should be saved in separate output files, and the outputs files updated regularly as the script runs. The reason for this is that we plan to run millions of emails for each site, and we want to be able restart the script where it left off if it fails for some reason.

I have not tested to see whether such a tester would require switching IPs. If it does, proxy support would be required.

Multi-threading is a must as we will be processing millions of inputs.

Looking for expert devs with experience of doing similar scripts. Have A LOT more work like this available for you if we can make this one work.
Config for Open Bullet will be enough?
(March 21, 2020 at 10:05 PM)Klemens Wrote: Config for Open Bullet will be enough?

Yep that would work. Is that something you can put together?
Yes i think so, i have done many similar configs.
pm me on discord Soap#0157 or telegram [email protected]
you may want to find a coder who is familiar with botting for ajax script results... there have been many of them that can do millions of checks in very short amounts of time, but depends on the vbulletin code i guess

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