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Gmail, protonmail for mains. Guerrilla mail for those temps or suspected spam sites.
I use gmail since it was the first one and I just stuck with it.
(08-03-2017, 04:22 AM)mjtue9393 Wrote:  Gmail, moving my accounts to Protonmail soon though 

I use proton and
I use gmail, very reliable out of all the email services I use
I think everyone should stick to GMail for now for many reasons.
It has a huge company backing out. You know it will be better off versus others.
ProtonMail is working like a charm
Outlook mostly, and Gmail. I like the interface and app experience of Outlook a lot better than gmail.
Hotmail and gmail + education mail
tutanota encrypted mail
I only use gmail but alot of people are talking about proton mail so I might switch to it.
Using Protonmail and tutanota
Gmail, don't know why. Sometimes protonmail

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