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I use my own mail server, I don't trust public e-mail providers these days.
gmail, wanadoo, orange, gmx, proton
gmail, security is good, at least better than the other ones, just dont save your login pw-s on the account xD
Currently using Gmail, GMX, proton and my own mailserver for things I don't have to reply (autosigned certificate ^^')
For serious stuff, I use protonmail.

For random shit, I use

For even more random shit, I use
Been using gmail since it came out.
usually because I can make a shit ton of emails quickly for all kinds of purposes, I have an email address on just about everything
gmail for almost everything for random forums and stuff
gmail is where its at
Proton mail is my favorite
(08-03-2017, 04:22 AM)mjtue9393 Wrote:  Gmail, moving my accounts to Protonmail soon though 

hushmail for the longest time. now moving to pronto
Everything depends for what I need ... But use gmail, yahoo,orange

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