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Gmail, moving my accounts to Protonmail soon though 
I still have dial up internet and AOL
ProtonMail is over hyped.. It uses PGP by default with other addresses, but that's it.
One could use Gmail (or any other service) with PGP with all of his/her contacts, there are many programs (i.e. gpg) for it, also a Thunderbird plugin, probably for other clients as well IDK...
Also, ProtonMail has a way of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), with a mobile app, but Gmails SMS service is much better, it doesn't depend on a smartphone, just need a valid phone number, also if You change phone, have to set it up all over again on ProtonMail...
Also, most importantly, anywhere, where it is not blocked or sorted, I use GuerillaMail, it's a disposable temporary e-mail service, but feel free to use others as well, there was a thread few days ago about it the topic
I use Gmail cause of it security :3
I use proton mail its safe
If i'm making quick random emails is good, but I usually just use proton and gmail
Gmail is pretty dope
Gmail is my favorite. Love the interaface and offers best services.
i like gmail ,
but if u got hacked u cant get back your account :v
i loss 3 gmail got hacked :v
(08-03-2017, 04:22 AM)mjtue9393 Wrote:  Gmail, moving my accounts to Protonmail soon though 

I use gmail right now, and for throwaways.
Only gmail, no issues with it.
GMX and my univerity email adress

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