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The proliferation in the use of surveillance technology by local police departments, which in most places has occurred without community intervention or control, presents significant threats to civil rights and civil liberties that disproportionately impact human rights. communities of color and low income.

Here is a list of invasive and expensive surveillance technologies that you, your family and your neighbors may be registering at this time:

1 - Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV)

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CCTV allows the police to control us every time we are in a public space, even if they have no reason to do so. Despite the evidence that CCTV is not effective in reducing crime, these cameras are widely used, especially in communities of color and low-income communities.


[Image: stingray-mass-surveillance.jpg]

The device imitates a communications tower of a cell phone, making his cell phone communicate with him. Once linked, Stingray can track your location and intercept data from your phone, including your voice communications and typing. Often used without a warrant, these devices can sweep information from hundreds or thousands of phones at a time, while interfering with your cell phone signal.

3 - Toll electronic readers or E-Z Pass

[Image: ez-pass.jpg]

Although the devices are sold as toll payment devices, they are often used without toll purposes without the knowledge or permission of the cardholder. The data captured by electronic toll readers can be used to monitor traffic patterns and create a record of where you are traveling.

4 - Automatic license plate readers (ALPR)

[Image: automaticlicense.jpg]

Mobile cameras or fixed-location cameras that take pictures of license plates, digitize them and allow them to store, process and search the captured data in real time or over the course of months or years. The data collected allows the government to track where you travel in your car, including where you sleep at night.

5 - Social network monitoring software

[Image: recon-research-person-organization-using....w1456.jpg]

This software can be used to monitor, collect and covertly analyze your public and private social media data from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, mapping your relationships and private activities. It unduly affects dozens of innocent people, disproportionately of communities of color, with the potential to discourage online freedom of expression, assembly and association.
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