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Hasn't WW3 been coming for 30-40 years? Still waiting....
dont think that will happend, and if it is happend, just wait for the nuclear missile, you will die with no pain, nothing to worry about
Israel tried to start a world war and failed hahaha fuck jews
Russia and USA are friends now. Actually Russia is the big boss.
(04-14-2018, 11:35 PM)Strat0S Wrote:  
(04-14-2018, 08:26 PM)RasAlGhoul Wrote:  USA was vs Russia a while ago and Syria was like a battlefield for both parties lol. Which seems sad. From what I've understood from some American friends is that Trump would not allow a war to occur.

Nah, Trump is just another tool of Israel. Wars will happen but it will not be on a worldwide scale like retarded OP is saying. It'll be just another Middle East destabilisation war for the purpose of oil and Israel's gains.

Refer to

A nice infographic on the Syrian conflict:
[Image: 1476034189471.png]

Nice infographic on the Syrian conflict.. clear and concise..

(08-11-2018, 07:51 PM)ASuNdIAl Wrote:  dont think that will happend, and if it is happend, just wait for the nuclear missile, you will die with no pain, nothing to worry about

very true.. there will be no direct war.. Biggrin
war alway exist, not change nothing, alarm not necessary
nah mate, not anytime soon atleast.
I hope so, I just can't stand those filthy niggers
(04-14-2018, 11:57 PM)ff7alert Wrote:  i doubt it aliens will come before it happens

Haha yea I agree
Of course it's coming; I doubt it'll be anything like anyone expects
(04-15-2018, 05:13 AM)Code Wrote:  
(04-14-2018, 01:31 PM)abodigamer Wrote:  AFTER THE SIRIA AIR STRIKE 100% sure It Is the Start Of a New War And It Is Between russa and USA

You're actually fucking retarded, putin didnt respond to the attack because he knows ww3 will end humanity. He knows all the high ranking gov members will be in bunkers and innocent people will be killed. He also knows that if he makes a move he will be blamed for starting the third world war. The threats he made were just threats, to try scare US/UK/France. The missiles that were fired (roughly 100) was a small slap on the wrist for syria regarding their chemical attacks in hopes it will deter them from doing any more and it also shows how strongly multiple countries feel about them. If you think ww3 is going to happen, you're stupid. We arent even in a cold war. The worst is already over.
True, with how much firepower everyone has we don't need a war  Sick

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