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Voices of RaidForums (Winner: Vanissery)
Voices of RF Contestants (Finals!)


It's the Finale you've all been waiting for! Who will win? Will it be the wonderful, A e s t h e t i c Vanissery? Or The person you all love- Mimi? Well, we have a new challenge for the final round!

For the finale, the task is none other than....singing! You must sing a song for us all. Can be any form of singing; even rapping.

v Rules stated below v

  • You must use your own voice
  • Must enter a submission before the Deadline as a post below
  • Must be a contestant in the Finale as stated above
  • You may use any recording program of your choice
  • Sound effects are allowed for this finale
  • Must be longer than 1 minute
  • Audio must be clear

Submission Deadline:

Can you add link to the old thread pls, can't find it anymore, want to listen to the submissions.
oh shit, i wanna hear vanssies sweet silky smooth voice singing, I'll be waiting.
oooooooooooooooh baby, let me get my lube
Idk what to sing so VOTE HERE

Voting will end 10/16***

it won the strawpoll
Forgot to say this: Vannissery won by default!

Mimi left.
My god that is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard
Mimi isn't even going to participate though b
might as well give it to @[MVP] Vanissery
Congrats @[MVP] Vanissery

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