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Voices of RaidForums (Contest): [CLOSED]
Voices of RF Contestants
@PuffToGaming -(His vocaroo got deleted)

Thank you, contestants for entering the contests. Allow me to give you your next set of instructions.

Only contestants listed above may participate!
Alright, this is the first official round of the voice competition. This round's theme shall be: Voice Acting
You must submit an audio of yourself reciting any piece of literature that spoke to you, or you just admire for any reason. Make sure your throat is cleared, because you shall have to voice act the literature. Make it dramatic, or anyway you think the feel of the literature is.

Examples of literatures are: 
  • Poems
  • quotes
  • parts of a story
  • etc.
In order for your entry for this round to be valid, it must follow by these rules:
  1. Your audio piece may not be shorter than 30 seconds.
  2. You must be a contestant as listed above.
  3. It does NOT have to be a vocaroo this time.
  4. No sound effects may be added. It must purely be your voice.
  5. If you did not enter a new entry, you will be automatically disqualified!
Prizes Reminder:
1st place winner- +3 reputation & The Mystery Prize
2nd place winner- +2 reputation & a nice message
3rd place winner- Just +1 reputation & nothing else.


October 3rd @ 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time!

my laptop mic is shit sorry
1st place gets 13 rep. Ill add my +10 Smile
TF is this shit Moonman is the only voice we need and to get his voice is free Heart

Round one entry Wink

Mum came in a yelled at me for being too saucy after recording
#7 Finally i can be inside of this
Entries are now closed!

(Forgot to do this yesterday)

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