Vmware or Virtualbox
by samsep10l - January 22, 2019 at 03:21 PM
If you're looking for freeware with basic requirements then you've got virtualbox
and if something more advanced then VMware
(January 23, 2019 at 02:16 PM)Scandal Wrote: VMWare if you got the $

vmware workstation is free.

however If you want to get more functionnality, vmware esx server is not free
I personally use VMware because of some difficulties that i had in virtualbox.
Virtualbox, since it's open source
I tryed both, VM Ware for business and VirtualBox for entertainement. They both work fine (compatibility can be an issue tho)
I personally prefer VBox if I am working on my Manjaro. But I like VMware due to its better GUI. In the end if you are using it to virtualize Kali Linux etc it doesn't matter. Both are quite good and cross platform (Windows/MacOS/Linux).

Only downside is that on Windows you can't use either if you are trying to use Docker as Docker enables Hyper-V which annihilates VirtualBox and VMware.
virtual box as uses less resources as depends what system u are using it on as well
i recommend Parallels Desktop on mac, easy to use and adapt to any OS, easy to find cracked versions of course
Vmware. Virtualbox is very buggy
Well, if you mean desktop virtualization, then I would def recommend virtualbox. It became very stable and professional the last years. It can def compete with vmware workstation. I was using vmware workstation myself many years before I switched to virtualbox. The main reasons were following:
- you will find better support on the internet for virtualbox (since its free and open source)
- its open source and you will know if it has some spying code there or not
- it has also very powerful command line interface (vboxmanage) which can be also very useful if you code some stuff / to automate stuff. Probs vmware will have that too, but again vbox you will find more info on the internet.
VMware, tried both believe me.
go for vmware workstation , latest ver of course 15.5

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