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Viruses & Malware - All about it
Hello my name is LeSpookySkeleton and I will teach you what to do in a virus situation or if your computer is infected, I will also teach you how to get rid of most malware.

First it’s important knowing what a virus is. A virus is a coding or coded program which can have a effect on your computer if you give administrative rights to it.

Important Viruses to look out for

• Boot Viruses - These will really mess up your PC, it will make it un-bootable. The cause of this is that the program or virus deletes a major file on your computer such as System 32, Boot Manager, etc. Once deleted, All you have to do is restart your computer, You’ll never know when you will and you will be surprised with a black screen.

• Framework / Web Viruses - These will spam your computer with audio files, and images if you head to a certain website or download something. This works most of the times if you don’t have Java or JDK installed.

How to get rid of Malware on your PC

• Malwarebytes - $24.95, You can crack it but it’s worth the price because it’s rated 5 stars out of 5. This is an recommended application to scan and delete viruses from your computer, I use this myself. There are other varieties of this application or alternates which are Avast, AVG, Avira, etc.

• AVG - $54.99, You can crack it on Pirate Bay or KATcr. Everyone on the world has to have this AntiVirus program. It Is one of the biggest companies also to take interest of Europe, United Kingdom and United States.

Manually get rid of Malware

• This is the non-download manual way of removing Malware onto your computer. You must have knowledge and experience of what type virus it is. If you don’t know you can use which scans / does an analysis of your file and tells you what type of virus it is. Once you know, for example it’s a Trojan, a Trojan will create a backdoor and send information to other malicious users. This is known as stealing credit card information, bank information, addresses and other web history stored on your computer.

• Removing The Virus - Head over to the bottom of your task bar and right click it, you should see Task Manager, now end processes that you think are suspicious, don’t delete explorer.exe or something main but to add it back just add a process and the exe name. Once you’ve end malicious processes you should have the name of those exe’s for example Fate.exe, now search a scan for Fate.exe in Windows Explorer and delete it, Viola! Virus deleted.

Thanks, if you have any problems with this or you think I messed up, send me a PM.
lol are you saying that those are only malwares?
(08-17-2015, 07:12 PM)m60Salt Wrote:  lol are you saying that those are only malwares?

No, Definitely not, so what do you want me to do, Post all of the viruses in the world? BTW it says "Important" which is specific.
wew .
Very good guide/tut.
Maybe add a section: how to detect a virus?
- .scr and .bat are common virus types
- only open .exe you trust
- delete sys32 if you have it - its a virus Kappa
LOL great tutorial.... But I think ppl are misunderstanding the section "support"

The section support is a section of the forums to post a thread when you need HELP. If you're going to do a tutorial or general information put it in "General Tutorials" or "General Discussion".

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