Vhost vs Subdomain
by hashbang - May 14, 2021 at 08:27 AM
Can someone please explain me the difference between Vhost and subdomain ? I have read enoguh on google, but they look same to me , please explain Smile Thank you
hashbang.com is a domain or domain name.
In www.hashbang.com , www is the subdomain.
In yoursister.hashbang.com , yoursister is the subdomain.

yoursister is just a subdomain that you can to point to something: your home IP, a single machine, her instagram account, whatever.

With a Virtual Host you don't have a dedicated single machine to host 1 website, for example. You just give company one: company1.hashbang.com and another company: company2.hashbang.com It's their own virtual space, but not their own single machine -- they probably share hardware. The virtual host is created in software and appearing to exist but not existing in the physical world.

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