Vanissery Mod App

User is a noob.

you asked us to view it and hated on krakens app Kappa
[color] red [/color]

Applicant did not take the application process seriously. In the process of banning you now.

(10-13-2015, 12:06 AM)Tweedler Wrote:  red

Applicant did not take the application process seriously. In the process of banning you now.


You have been warned once about this, this is your second and final warning. Stop acting like a mod. Or I will ban you myself. Kappa
[color] red [/color]

Not aesthetic enough.
User has displayed the basic knowledge to be a mod. Hope you get Accepted into out community! Best of luck!
Very detailed mod app and is very active on shoutbox.

jk go kys fgt
 gay is a no no word

aesthetic game weak
[color lavender blue 189678670909] -support Memes need to be danker, will consider +support if requirements are met [/color 420]
[cmd ddos]-supprot[/ping]

User cant be aesthetic when neededc

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