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VPNs blocked on LeakForum
hack forums does the exact same shit
most vpns i've used actually work on HF but not LF
(07-18-2017, 07:01 AM)Edward Wrote:  hack forums does the exact same shit

Yes and it's owned by a guy who setup a faking carding site for the FBI. As well as a fake proxy service. Well known if that is news to you.

Anytime this sort of forum has gay rules like that, it's a red flag. If the excuse is to protect the board (somehow) they're dumb as shit. That's beyond naive. I wouldn't create any threads with uploads on such a site.

fuck leakforums end of story its like going on gay websites willingly with no antivirus and clicking all the weird ads that come up on the side as well
Steal their content and put it on raidforums
Ban reason: Hey it was good having you "brad" you have a good one. Also I hope you liked leaching while it lasted. (Permanent)
lol why would u need a vpn for this site? its not like itl ever get hacked or compromised by the US government  Huh

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