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Meme: lol u poorfags w/out GOD
[Image: Faggot_7f8773_946699.jpg]
I wanna win cause I wanna win. Fight me.
Ive been here a while now and my name isnt even 2x blue. ive been here since alphas n tinychat therefore im a decaying, rotting, expired oldfag. and i want benefits. also having a customizable name is what ive dreamed for.

i choose this meme because ISIS are my rolemodels. such brave people with big hearts. Heart
and also pyramid pete is a spaky cunt that needed beheading.

[Image: a1d4swi.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nqhvq8ILEd1u7dsvoo1_1280.jpg] I WANT TO BE GOD

(My Dank Meme)
Im gonna enter and you cant do anything about it.
[Image: 2bede796f4b928a2a79ab8621df2af2b.png]

Wouldn't it be cool to see [Admin][GOD] Sem

K love you bye
I would like to win because I can’t afford to buy things on a website let alone irl.
I give this thread 9/11
[Image: 3g3l2IF.jpg]
Favorite meme: Pepe and patchy le pirate and dont forget grubby grouper
[Image: prs79yB.png]
[Image: hDDlCt6.jpg]
[Image: PmxCAFh.jpg]
Why I want to win: I've been a bluefag since June and I'm too poor to buy ranks

I want to win so i can help poor old Stevie... and so i get GOD tag.
[Image: may-be-blind-but-not-black.jpg]
Fuck your dank memes.
Here's some CP
[Image: control-panel-windows-10.png]
[Image: avatar_121319833.png?dateline=1441552887]
I want this bc I'm poor as fuck and can't afford to do this shit.

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