Utah Voter Database - Leaked, Download!
by Malkian - March 22, 2017 at 06:00 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Utah Voters Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In December 2015 the voters database for many states were leaked online and shared with a lot of private citizen information, the utah database has 731,639 citizens on it.

Compromised data: Voter IDs, Full Names, Date of Birth, Genders, Phone Numbers, Citizen Status

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You're really nice, Thanks!
You're really nice, Thanks!
(June 20, 2017 at 04:39 AM)pttting Wrote: You're really nice, Thanks!

good stuff
Do you have this in a cvs or excel file?
just wanted to say thank you so much !!
This is very nice. I appreciate it.
UTAH!!! Boo yaaaa. Thanks Smile
Utah Jazz ! Great, thanks for the base
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Can anyone provide the layout or an example line from the database?
I just didn't want to say thank you so much !! LOL
WARNING ! This database will become totally ILLEGAL soon. They just passed a law in New Jersey making it a crime to publish a federal judge's or a US Marshal's information online, in any format. This file has both of them in it. Its because of legislation in response to the deadly shooting of judge’s son in New Jersey. The law passed in New Jersey & was just on TV a few minutes ago. Next, it will become a federal law, I have no doubt it will pass.
This file was given out by the State of Utah, before they made it illegal to do it there. They have those people listed in it (the ones living & voting in Utah.), as well as cops, witness protected people & those with restraining orders against stalkers & ex's. The jerks in Utah fucked up & sold their information. Even Donny Osmond & his family members are in it.
If you think I'm kidding, try looking in it & then try updating the information with other databases today, you won't find those types of people in other databases. The Utah voter list is now historical data (that is why I collect it, you never know when you will need it to locate someone. lol !!!)
So, to sum it up, get this today & never re-post it again, anywhere, or you might end up in jail. lol !!! Some other states have fucked up before & did the exact same thing Utah did, like Florida a few years ago, gave out COPS & JUDGES names in one of their Voter lists. Then the dumb bastards asked everyone that received that copy, to delete it & they would send them a new copy, without those names. That even made it easier to figure out who should not be in it. This is why I grab EVERY file I can find, you never know when they will fuck up again. lol !!!
I'm just letting you know the facts, you can do what ever the hell you want & as usual, some dumb fuck will have something stupid to say, just because I mentioned this. lol !!
The story: Proposal Would Ban Purchase, Sale of Judges’ Personal Data

Check today's news & you will be able to read the facts, as they aren't on Google yet.

(August 24, 2017 at 10:21 PM)benleamon Wrote: Do you have this in a cvs or excel file?

I'm sure you did not "LOOK at it" or you would know, its a text file. Same shit as a csv if you used EmEditor to view it. Always one in every posting on here with the dumb fuckin' questions.

"Voter ID","Last Name","First Name","Middle Name","Name Suffix","Status","Absentee","UOCAVA","Registration Date","Original Registration Date","Party","Phone","Mailing Address","Mailing city, state  zip","County ID","Precinct","House Number","House Number Suffix","Direction Prefix","Street","Direction Suffix","Street Type","Unit Type","Unit Number","City","Zip","DOB","Congressional","State House","State Senate","State Schoolboard","Local Schoolboard","County Council","City Council","11/6/1990","11/5/1991","11/3/1992","11/2/1993","11/8/1994","5/23/1995","9/12/1995","10/3/1995","11/7/1995","6/25/1996","8/6/1996","11/5/1996","2/4/1997","5/6/1997","8/1/1997","10/7/1997","11/4/1997","6/23/1998","11/3/1998","5/4/1999","8/3/1999","10/5/1999","11/2/1999","5/2/2000","6/27/2000","11/7/2000","2/6/2001","10/2/2001","11/6/2001","6/25/2002","11/5/2002","2/4/2003","8/5/2003","10/7/2003","11/4/2003","5/4/2004","6/22/2004","8/3/2004","11/2/2004","10/4/2005","11/8/2005","6/27/2006","11/7/2006","6/26/2007","9/11/2007","11/6/2007","2/5/2008","6/24/2008","11/4/2008","9/15/2009","11/4/2009","6/22/2010","11/2/2010","9/13/2011","11/8/2011","6/26/2012","11/6/2012","8/13/2013","11/5/2013"

5608214,"Ahlstrom","Jared","Merril","","Active",0,"","2/26/2004","4/24/1999","Unaffiliated","(435)259-5333","","","Grand","01:470",167,"","N","100","E","","","","Moab",84532-2401,4/23/1978,"3","70","27","14","School Board #1 1","","",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"11/2/2004",,,,,,,,,,"11/4/2008"

1613484,"Ahrens","Zachary","Thomas","","Active",0,"","10/3/2012","10/12/2011","Unaffiliated","715-529-4680","","","Grand","01:470",176,"","S","200","E","","","","Moab",84532-2606,10/20/1984,"3","70","27","14","School Board #1 1","","",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"11/6/2012"

6188193,"Alexander","Mary","Sandra","","Inactive",0,"","10/23/2006","10/24/2006","Democratic","(435)259-8725","Po Box 1608","Moab, UT  84532","Grand","01:470",102,"","N","300","E","","","","Moab",84532-2422,7/27/1943,"3","70","27","14","School Board #1 1","","",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"2/5/2008"

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