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Using Ubuntu in Windows 10
I recommend to run linux inside a VM (using virtualbox for example) if you are using it for any security research as its a safer and more isolated environment. If you are just wanting to learn Linux for fun I recommend to get a 2nd hard drive and install it on your physical machine on a separate drive from your windows installation. The windows bootloader is very aggressive and can get overwritten during an update which breaks your linux installation. However with it separated onto a 2nd drive, microsoft will not touch it. You can boot to the 2nd drive on your MB's boot priority always, which loads the GRUB bootloader will detect both your Linux and Windows and play nicely with both together.

Hope this helps Smile
In general I would agree that it is better to have a vm of it...much easier to manage, networking, portability, if something goes wrong you can restore...etc
For some little stuff it is good, but you can't access the hradware. So it is not possible for example to use aircrack with your wlan adapter or you can't access the harddrives on a physical layer. So the tool is only good if you want to programm / run a few programms
thank u bopşiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I also run into problems with WSL a while ago, when trying to debug programs. Some types of breakpoints (memory access breakpoints, for example) do not work reliably, or at all.

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