Unofficial Team Discord Server
by Spooktapo - October 20, 2018 at 12:34 PM
Aight, so i know a guy who had a discord that got destroyed by staff. This server is for a new team to do precision sleeper cell raids on discords, and possibly in the future other things. You'll have to be vetted by myself(Big Nigga) or an admin to be allowed to see/do anything. The other co-owner is the guy who's discord got wiped. To start off with we'll be mostly going after degenerate discords, but once we get enough members well go for more partisan discords. If you want, come on and join, ill eventually set up some other stuff to make the team easier to administer and organize, but for now its very bare bones. I plan on running it quite democratically, so you'll get a say as to what goes on in it once you are a member. It will also be a regular discord server to communicate and such in. Btw, the Fortnite channel is disguised raiding. If you invite anyone else, make sure they know that. Please do invite anyone you trust and think would be useful. 

Thanks, Have fun in ADSRS
[Image: KameyWt.jpg]
WTF what a strange pic.. By the way the link doesnt work.

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