Unban our beloved Phi
by Asset - June 08, 2020 at 05:07 AM
Poll: Unban Phi?
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10 90.91%
1 9.09%
* You voted for this item. Total 11 vote(s) 100%

Recently @Omnipotent took action in BANNING the user @Phi
He was a great aspect to our community bringing toxicity and crashing our shoutbox CONSTANTLY. and it was beautiful...
SO! I would like to make a poll seeing if everyone else agrees that our lovely PHI should be unbanned if he stops crashing SB and talking about children.
The guy was really annoying like really annoying just like me, but he's a good guy and I for one would like him to be back.
Sure, why not. He had his amusing moments.
Oh go on, give him a stern talkning to, so he doesn't cock about again.
I don;t know him but if you claim that he is from the good I believe you
give this guy a second chance
@Omnipotent the council has decided...
Unban him otherwise imma kill everyone on this forum.

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