Uk elections 2019
by Osrs boy - December 14, 2019 at 04:53 AM
I think Corbyn deserves a chance and actually pledges to help Britain immensely, I mean also does Boris, Boris is kinda a prick tho, he is basically an English version of Trump, or the other way around. 

Anyway what are you thoughts, who do you think will win.

And are the benefits of a no deal Brexit worth it, quite risky.
boris is very loco wi his fukd policy
Boris seems quite keen to pay back working-class voters in the North, we'll have to see whether he does or it turns out to be a lot of talk.
All of them seem pretty dodgy tbh....I wonder what would happen if the green party actually had a majority win....everyone would get free smoothies and their own trees to grow Heart
I for one embrace our alien overlords.

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