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USA Will Attack Syria
Hello , is the news right ? 
USA Will Attack Sryia ?
Probably not. But if they do, it's either to move military assets close to Israel for a potential attack on the land of the Jews, or to secure a pipeline route for oil via Syria.

I'll believe it when it happens.
i hope they do stop the madnes in syria.
It's just to fight Russia. Proxy war
Russia won't be able to really reply to an event coming from the US: if a destroyer launches the missiles, I dont see them sinking it.. Would be all out mayhem.
I hope they do.. better drop a nuke over there too.
Does any of you realize that no matter who is better Russia or the United States the whole world can be fucked up?
when r comes to the war... hate America, hate Russia!!!
USA are right now prepared or perpetration to attack syria. I hope Russia protect Syria.
A tweet from Mr. Trump is only valid until he posts something new. So hopefully the US will not attack Syria.
The US Air Force already is bombing isis and assad since 2014, they even have a website for this,
I don't think US will attack Syria, I think that Trump is only doing stupid tweets
(04-13-2018, 03:05 PM)uzmajrl Wrote:  I don't think US will attack Syria, I think that Trump is only doing stupid tweets

I absolutely agree,, Trump would never do it, because,,,

uh oh

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