US military's facial recognition system
by geshem - November 11, 2019 at 08:45 AM
Interesting article on how the military is using facial recogntion tech:
Cat's outta the bag on this shit, china is way ahead in integrating it into their society and amazon is already selling Rekognition tech to those with deep enough pockets, no going back from this kind of surveillance now
The chinks do the processing (to an extent) right on the cam. I thought the instant dna results they did in the field when they got that terrorist a couple of weeks ago was more interesting. How that has been sped up and miniaturized. The future is a dystopian hell. Or commies wet dream.
nice article. guess this is it. were in the future
I think not only the United States uses and develops this system, face recognition is now a very popular topic around the world among the military and civilians
only a matter of time before its standard
Not much people can do as the genral pop is too retarded or are accepting of it. most of them are just now learning microsoft and google and big tech even collect data.
I'm sure China and other countries are way ahead unfortunately.
Only a matter of time that smartphones stop storing the facial recognition program on the cell and uploads it to the cloud.
(December 02, 2019 at 04:33 PM)bryan_mills Wrote: I'm sure China and other countries are way ahead unfortunately.

Certainly looks that way:
thanks for sharing this information,its really interesting
crazy when you imagine the vast databases of faces that apple/snapchat et al. have

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