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US data leak: 198 million Americans' personal information accidentally released
Isn't that like... half of the USA? Gotta love the government.
thank you for sharing!
Where can we get the leaked data?
I feel like we can just expect this sort of thing to keep happening in future
(07-03-2017, 12:49 PM)johnnyppp Wrote:  Where can we get the leaked data?

To this time i didn't find any link to this and here they only do spam
Anyone know where I can find this database? lol
If its an accident or on purpose, I think that whoever did it is fucking retarded and should be charged with something because how does one "accidently" release that much data.
If only anyone of us could share the link to benefit the members here
any links? i would like to download this!
Links!!!! post here the links! we need links! Smile
It's messed up that a marketing company has compiled data on at least 62 per cent of the US population to use for propaganda and manipulation. But when it comes to spying and compiling, that company is probably fucking amateurs compared to "Big Brother."
where to download this leak?

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