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Twitch Bot Mod by vSolarr
What is the program "supposed" to do?
Well it is supposed to look like a new and improved nightbot. With new commands and what not, although when you run it, it causes the "Blue Screen Of Death".
Things you should know about the program.
Well all of us here like to have our fun with trolling, this is what the program is used for. The program will not cause any long sustaining damage. All they will have to do is run it and it will give a blue screen of death. Although after they just restart and it begins like a normal computer and nothing is wrong or affects the computer after that. It will run like it did before the program.
Although I have been thinking about adding a second version that will install itself in the startup for windows, but I think that is a little too rude, but if it gets requested then I will do so.
Here is what the readme.txt file says just incase you want to sound like you know what the program does.
Welcome To The Twitch Bot Mod

I created this so that people can have another option than just Nightbot. After you click the .exe it will install the bot that will allow you configure and control all of the features and more that nightbot has. 

Here are the commands for normal not opped/modded users:
!requestsong (like nightbot, can change it to anything)
!voteskipsong (new feature that allows normal users to skip song if 5 people vote)
!voteban (same thing as voteskip. 5 people vote and you can get someone banned)
!pm or /pm (private message user to user. You can see all private messages)
Commands for Admin (some of these are self explained):
!gag (like muting but if person talks in only says "I love this stream"  can be changed)
!vote (can be used to vote for the next game to play)

How to install:
1) extract file to desktop or any other place
2) run the .bat or .exe (remember that the first versions of Twitch Bot Mod are using the .bat until I can redo everything in .exe) 
3) configure and enjoy!

Made by Solarine
Please note that I changed my name so I cannot be researched. I put Solarine instead of vSolarr.

If there is anything else someone wants such as a troll program I can make and release more just PM me here. 

Will add the readme.txt below

Thank you

Actually sounds like a very legit and nice program - which will be fun to see in action.

Do you have a download link or are you keeping it private?

looks very nice. Kappa

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