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Tutorial Unlimited Free Uber Rides -FREE PERSONAL DRIVER-
Whats up everyone. First post here, was a astro member before it went on the fritz and have been looking for a new forum. All the other forums I found are to "commercial" and filled with leaches and I found this forum and it seems like a very tight knit community and I have decided to make this my new home! This is first of many of my private methods I will be sharing here. For those of you who don't know what Uber is, go to the app store on your iPhone or Android device and search Uber. It is basically a personal driver service and it is fucking awesome.

So here are some things your going to need to do this.

VCC's - It is stupid easy to get unlimited VCC's I am sure there is a guide somewhere on here to tell you how to do this, the vcc does not have to have a single penny on it. If there is not a guide and everyone needs help with this let me know and ill post a guide.

Android/iPhone Device - Obviously.

Step 1 - Create a new account with Uber, use one of your VCC's to link to your account. You will get your first ride free up to 30$ (which gets you hella far with uber, like 30-40 miles). Go ahead and use your first free ride.

Step 2 - On the app, go to the menu, and click free rides, and get your promotion code.

Step 3 - Now, make a second account, using another one of your VCC's, and on the same page that you add your VCC on, click promo code and put in your promotion code of your first account. Now use the free ride on the second account that you get. 

Step 4 - Now what happens is because you used your promotion code from your first account onto your second account, when your second account gets there first free ride, your first account also gets accredited with a free ride. See where i'm going with this? Already just from making 2 accounts, you got 3 free rides. All you have to do is keep making a new account with a new VCC and use your original accounts promotion code, for every new account you make, you get a free ride on the new account, then a free ride on your original account.

Now you all are probably thinking the same thing I thought when testing this method "Man I hope the drivers don't notice that I am doing this". Well I discovered that the drivers have no idea if when there driving you your using a free ride or if its a paid ride, they don't know if your using the same account, they don't know ANYTHING but where they're supposed to take you. So this is repeatable forever. For those of you that don't drive because they don't have a license or no car, fuck the bus, rape uber and get chauffeured around all day like the boss that you are. I hope this helps alot of you out like it helps me out. Have fun guys.
Does UBER cross state lines?
(03-25-2015, 07:41 AM)MLGbarovsoap Wrote:  Does UBER cross state lines?

I have no idea
No love for canadiens I presume? 

Still this is fucking a top kek thread
I drive, but I'm going to do this anyways because I am that big of a douche.
great tutorial man, may props
it is a good method.. i thought of the same thing but one downside is that you can only use one account per device or your account gets banned or you just dont get the free credit.
How do I create a VCC? EntroPay requires a top up to show me the card number. Any other solution?

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