[Tutorial] How to gift an upgrade
by J_G - September 26, 2021 at 02:08 PM
Hello RaidForums Community.

You must know that there's an upgrade feature at RF for all accounts. You're able to check more information about benefits of being an upgraded member and how to upgrade you user here --> https://raidforums.com/upgrades.php

But, instead of upgrade your account, you can gift that upgrade to any user account of Raidforums. I know it's not very tricky but i couldn't find any clear explanation to do that so i would write down here how to gift an upgrade step by step:

                        Exclamation 1. Copy the User Identifier of the RF member you want to gift an upgrade (It's a number, shown at Profile User Info)
                        Exclamation 2. Go to https://raidforums.com/upgrades.php?gift=
                        Exclamation 3. Paste the User Identifier next to "="
                        Exclamation 4. Buy the upgrade rank and wait till payment confirmations
                        Exclamation 5. Done!

I remember that some people had troubles trying to understand how to gift an upgrade so I hope no one will ever have problems again.

Don't forget to claim the Gifter Award after doing this! (https://raidforums.com/awards.php)
Thanks for sharing, I was about to ask how to give an upgrade gift when I saw this post
Good thread, who gifted you the upgrade.
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