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Tumblr Otherkin raid
Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and so this is my first post. 
   As we all know, Tumblr can be a weird place full of annoying and hateful people. One such group are known as Polykin (or otherkin) with the worst being know as Darkkin. These people choose to mentally shapeshift into anything they want whenever they like, and see fun in it; without realising the harm it can cause to people who suffer with autism. Autism sufferers can easily be dragged into this, which can cause them to believe that they are also Darkkin (vampires etc.) this can have massive affects on the autistic individual and the people around them (for instance they develop bloodlust [believing they have a thirst for blood] etc.). Due to this, I call for a raid on the Tumblr blog known as kin-of-the-otherworld (Link: [font=.HelveticaNeueUI]http://kin-of-the-otherworld.tumblr.com/[/font] ).
To anyone who is willing to start this raid, thank you  Smile and you may want to read into otherkin beforehand to get a better idea about them.

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