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Trump tax break for the super-rich and big corporations and tax increase for the poor
(11-18-2018, 11:46 PM)nolife Wrote:  @KaBob:
It's not possible to discuss with Ape, he's not able to understand arguments. I've tried before quite a few times. It's without doubt a waste of time.    
Aside that he's far left leaning, close to communism in his believes which makes it quite difficult as worlds clash with anyone who's not trying to "heal the world" by redistributing the income of " rich zionists" and "priviledged white colonialists" :>>>



You literally have to use straw man arguments because you cannot handle the cognitive dissonance.

There are many people like you who simply make up what the other is saying/thinking/feeling because they cannot deal with real life.

Such a sensitive snowflake.

People who simply make shit up and pretend that is the position of their "opponent" in a debate instead of responding to what he/she actually said are retarded.

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