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Trump's Affairs? Who Cares?
What's up with all this crap going on in the media regarding Trump's affairs. Who cares who he has bung / banged?
d heard trump is not being the best husband lately
he should deal with it, with his life problems . because he obviously has sexual problems and because of that problems he wants to attack the whole world
the stripper has some saggy big tits
If he cheated his wife well that's one thing. That he lies is another. He can say like "ok so maybe I was not the best husband... but we are still married and if we are is because of a reason" If he can't show up a good face in this matter well that is a test he is not able to pass then... let's see how he scores. So far not very good apparently.
nobody really cares, it just the media trying to find easy stories... plenty of other things going on!
Notice how all these people just suddenly come out of the woodwork? Not buying it.
Tbh nobody really cares, its the same thing over and over again.
People who care about integrity.

I'm just wondering what exactly the same people would be saying if we found out that Obama fucked a porn star and illegally paid her off to stay silent.

I'm guessing "It's his own personal business" wouldn't be the Republican narrative.

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