Troll songs
by Waifu_Chan - September 12, 2015 at 07:06 AM
in this thread we post troll songs, some general rules of thumb
1 the song should not be obvious, and should not have "ear rape" in the tile,
2 the song would preferably look like a real song, and wait about 2 minutes untill the kek boost although this is not a necessity 

good resources to find john cena is
r/unexpectedcena on reddit

also check r/unexpectedjihad for allah ahkbar troll songs

you can also dump playlist.
Its a good song, and a legit song, but good for the trolls
Could've swore there was already a thread for this

here you go b0ss
There's already an existing thread on this...
Here's a personal fav of mine:

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